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Be our exclusive Speed Queen licensee in SIngapore now!

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Detailed Information

Capital Required
S$100K - 200K
Brand Name
Speed Queen concept ( Singapore ) from USA
Country of Origin
United States
Years of Established
Above 10 years
Number of Outlet

Start a Vending MachinesHousekeeping ServicesLaundries Franchise with Speed Queen concept ( Singapore ) from USA


Speed Queen is coming to Singapore.

Be the first mover to join us as premiem partners in innovative laundromat or Laundromat cafe.

Think big, we provide the right tools for ambitious entrepreneurs !

Why choose speed queen over other laundry brands?

SQ not only provides the best equipment in the market. 

We also created the state-of-the-art laundromats & trusted franchise system. 

  • 70.000 launderettes in the world with Speed Queen equipment

  • A clean and premium designed laundromat to attract new generations of customers

  • World leader support in installation, branding and maintenance.

Equipped with the world most advance laundry solution  - SQ value centre

  • A cloud-based dashboard to remotely manage your store, with central payment system, loyalty cards and a customer app. We also suppport with tailored geomarketing study to to validate the best possible location for your laundromat.

what a laundromat cafe ? Turn your existing cafe/restaurent for more profitability and efficiency

A fully functioning self service laundromat for those who would like to wash their clothes whilst relaxing with a book and a meal.

IG : speedqueensg

FB: speedqueensg

Email :

whatsapp enquiry : +65 98300033

Be part of our laundry revolution in Singapore. 

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