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Le Bon Ton - Enhanced Traditional Swiss School Finishing Program

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Established in 2010, Le Bon Ton program is an enhanced finishing school program based on Swiss methodology of traditional Swiss Finishing Schools focusing on social graces, international etiquette & protocol, cross-cultural relations and the art of self-management. 


Created on the sketch of traditional Swiss Finishing Schools, the High Graces program offers a wide set of skills and knowledge to young women and men or any interested person that wishes to perfect their attitude and behavior. Finishing Schools, quite famous around the year 1860 were institutions that prepared young women to enter into society. Also called Charm Schools, these institutions were attended by royals and high-society individuals.

A long-held tradition in Europe – which may seem like a thing of the past – finishing schools are making a formidable comeback for two simple reasons vital in today’s world: Savoir-faire, the know-how; saying and doing the right thing in different situations with tact and elegance. And Savoir-vivre, is the “knowledge of the world”, to live life to the fullest with respect and consideration for others, which is the very foundation of social life.


Le Bon Ton finishing program covers two basic principles in perfected education:



the practical way of well-behaved individuals who learn what to say and what to do in different situations; always with elegance and tact


the knowledge of the world, the art of conversation so dearly preached by philosopher Cicero; this theoretical aspect of the high graces provides foundations of social life, teachings on how to live life kindly and respectfully in relation with yourself and the others.

Le Bon Ton program addresses both men and women, offering life coaching for different purposes from tackling the business world with a leader’s attitude to strengthening self-management.


Due to an increasing demand of projects and work in Singapore and Asia, Le Bon Ton is extending its Train-the-trainer program and Franchise program in Singapore and Asia.



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