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Sing Your Name Singapore

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Sing Your Name


Sing Your Name

Sing Your Name - Now in Singapore and
over 40 other Countries around the World!

Sing Your Name™ offers the widest range of personalised children's products unlike any other company in the world. From our best selling personalised Barney and Care Bears music CDs, interactive Kid's Story Books, Alarm clocks and Soft Toys, to our range of personalised DVDs that will actually place a picture of the child in a DVD story, we have something for every child. For simpler tastes, Sing Your Name offers a full line of personalised paper products including personalised name poems and growth charts. No other company provides such a wide selection along with the largest database of names in the world.

At Sing Your NameTM, personalised kids products are all we do!


We are now looking for distributors and retailers to bring these exciting products into the Singapore and Malaysia market.


At Sing Your Name, helping you start your business is our business. We offer multiple start-up packages designed to fit any budget. The reason we stand out from the franchise businesses is that you keep all your profits! We do not take any royalties or commissions – your business, your profits. Getting started is quick and simple and takes less than a day!



We will supply you with everything you need to commence business immediately - from burns for your albums and software for your computer (and even the computer itself) to singing alarm clocks, soft plush singing toys and various products including personalised growth charts, name poems, posters and more. This is truely a business-in-a-box. Just open the box and you can start selling straight away!


Sing Your Name


Sing Your Name offers you many powerful advantages:

  • Fantastic profit margins

  • Low start-up costs and very low re-order costs, with no ongoing royalties and commissions (it’s your business and your profits 100%).Sing Your Name

  • On-going training and support.

  • Huge market demand for our products.

  • Very fast return on investment.

  • Our business is permanently evolving, which means your business will too. We are always bringing new lines and products to expand your business (the options are there for you to grow at whatever speed you wish).

  • This business grows virally incredibly quickly, as your customers are your free advertising material (statistics demonstrate that each customer will refer at least 3 additional sales); you will be surprised at how fast your business will grow.

  • Simple business to operate (no computer skills necessary).

  • You don’t need to be a salesperson to sell it (the product always sells itself).

  • Become your own boss – work where, when and how you want.

  • Immediately create on-demand products – produce products in just two minutes – another reason why your customers just can’t say no!

  • Capitalise on the flexibility to set up at shows, fairs, kiosks, schools, website, shops etc. with lots of eager buyers.


Best of all, Sing Your Name has the children's names. If you don’t have the names, you can't make the sale and we are proud to offer over 40,000 names that cover over 99.7% of the population. Sing Your Name also offers nine different languages, making it a fantastic international as well as local opportunity (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek, Cypriot, Khaliji and Arabic (with further albums being added as well as Russian, Farsi and Turkish).

Whether you are looking for a home-based business or want to add profitable new products to an existing business, you’re in the right place! The business is extremely flexible, allowing you to accommodate your goals, schedule and preferences about how and where you market and promote. Part-time or full-time, seasonally or all year round, it’s up to you! Work anywhere, with hours to fit your income needs. There's no limitation on how much you can earn!

Sales outlets include trade shows, amusement parks, carts, kiosks, malls, shopping centers, fairs, Internet, schools and school festivals, child care nurseries, stores, fund-raisers and many more. Great add-on for existing businesses too.


Hear What Some Distributors Have to Say!

Sing Your Name  "Sing Your Name saved us! It was in 2008 when we purchased our Sing Your Name business. Paul had recently lost his job and we were both afraid. The extra income we generated from Sing Your Name helped us to make it through one of our worse financial times. Thank you, Sing Your Name, for being there when we needed you most." - Paul and LynetteSing Your Name

"Sing Your Name really works! After looking at many different businesses, I decided on Sing Your Name. As a single mother of a 4 year old, I wanted something that I could also have my daughter understand and have fun with. Sing Your Name allowed me the freedom to maximize my time and to earn much needed additional income. Taking it to any baby show is a guaranteed success." - Kimberly

Sing Your Name  "Nice to have something different! My mother and I decided to run the business together and have been with Sing Your Name since 2010. It has been great to have something different that not everyone else is trying to sell. In all the shows and markets we have been to in our area, we have yet to run into another distributor. Our business is up second year in a row because many of my customers re-order. The we really helps to generate extra income. Thank you. Sing Your Name." - KatieSing Your Name

"It's fun to sell. This is my first year with Sing Your Name. It is great to have a product that not only makes great profit but is also very fun to sell. I am still amazed at the reaction I get from my customers the first time they see the product. I look forward to many more great years of selling Sing Your Name." - Ryan



Sing Your Name

Sing Your Name


Your Next Step!

Now you’ve got an impression of what’s on offer, here’s what to do next. Register your interest here or email to and we will be in touch to take you through the application and selection process. This will be your opportunity to ask more questions and gain a clearer idea of whether we can work together. We promise to be straightforward and honest with you at every stage. We believe that success should be founded on mutual trust and it’s in both our interests for you to succeed. Our friendly staff in sales, customer service and tech support can give you the tools you need to be successful NOW!


Take the first step. You will be amazed at how simple and affordable it is to get started with Sing Your Name!


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