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Published on 11/12/2015

Franchising your business is a proven route to rapid growth.


Data from the International Franchise Association shows that of the 105 companies that started selling franchises in 2008, more than 40 had not reported the sale of their first unit by the end of 2009.


How to sell your franchise, in other words, how to franchise your business? Make your brand become a household name.


You definite will think about how to find franchisees and convince them to buy your concept. You may have tried to hire salespeople handle franchise marketing or offer referral fee to those who can help company find a new franchisee, other common sales techniques like attending franchise fairs, hiring independent franchise marketing firms.


What else can we do?


Have you try to spread your brand online?

Simply create a business profile and highlights the type of franchise, describe the goods and services provided to customers or investors.

The rest will be wait for your enquires of the potential buyers.


We can advertise your brand with our huge customer base too. Contact us for details.




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