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(Expired)All Buyers And Investors Should Read This!

Central AreaChinese Restaurants
Asking Price: S$50,000
Business For Takeover
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  • Premise Type N/A
  • Premise Size N/A
  • Monthly Rental S$15,500
  • Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue S$100K - 200K
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit S$50K - 100K
  • Net Profit S$20K - 50K
  • Stock N/A
  • FFE N/A
  • Payable N/A
  • Receivable N/A
  • Owner Role Full Time
  • Staff N/A
  • Established N/A
  • Source Broker

Reason For Sale

To Allow Low Capital Investors Into Good Businesses Opportunities


Strictly No Agents / Brokers


This is the first time that such information is being shared in Business for Sale Sites!
This information is created by ACI: Singapore Angel Collaborative Investments Pte Ltd.
We are a business brokerage firm for SMEs since the previous company for more than 5 years. We have met hundreds of Buyers & Investors looking for good business.

ACI will show you the best business opportunity that you can get. Contact ACI Now!
But take note, its not cherry picking!

1 of the best way to grow wealth is buying or investing into good businesses, Warren Buffett is doing it, Temasek is doing it, Grab is doing it, Strait Times is doing it and most recently, Breaktalk has done it of acquiring Food Junction. Yes, these are all big and powerful companies with deep pockets. Shouldn't we learn from them? So individual like us cant do it? Yes, we hardly can because the capital for good businesses is high BUT that is the past.
With ACI now you can!

So Why Should All Buyers and Investors (BI) Read This?
· More than 90% of Buyers and Investors are 1st timers in seeking to Buy or Invest in a good business via business for sale sites. Likely you have little or no experience in the business you would like to purchase.
Be realistic and understanding. Luckily not majority of BI are not realistic when come to high expectation of returns. Having 50% or more returns per annum is not being realistic. Understanding – the dynamic of current sentiments in the market, heed the advice from good brokers. Do not be Emotional & Skeptical when you are buying a business if not you will HARDLY have chance purchasing a good one, check for facts and figures. Be Decisive when you come across a good opportunity as good opportunity only will be in the market for a couple of months max. Many BI only see the surface of the business such as seeing the crowd of the biz or trying to calculate the earnings of the biz, etc. There is a much better way for it and a proper way for due diligence. (CONTACT ACI TO KNOW MORE) For a deal to be successful it has to be Win – Win for both Buyer and Seller. KNOW THAT YOU ARE PAYING A PREMIUM FOR GOOD BUSINESS. Do not be naïve to try buy a business below $200k and hope it’s a good profiting business. Hence, if you have a budget below $200k read more below or CONTACT ACI FOR MORE OPTIONS.

· More than 80% of YOU do not have a good business brokerage assisting you. (What is stopping you in getting a business brokerage to assist you when it’s almost free?)
Remember, if you do not really heed your broker advise then no point using or engaging them. If you are really determined to find a good business investment, get a good business brokerage company to serve you when its almost free. A good business broker will have many to offer besides saving you time and provide you with valuable advice. Things to take note; sadly, in our industry brokers tends not to like working with other brokers and will mainly sell to clients their own listings. Hence you should always check with your broker the business he is recommending to you if its his own listings and what is the business merits compare to others. Secondly, give firm instruction to your broker that he has to be willing to co-broke your deal and find you the best available deals in the market according to your objectives & realistic requirements. CHECK OUT HOW ACI CAN SERVE YOU BETTER BY CONTACTING US!

· Many of you think, you know it all. (Having certain perception of yours may not be correct.)
Do not judge or presume the opportunity by a phone call or email because you are still anonymous to the seller or the broker, not much details is able to share with you at that time. Hence as long as it claims to have good profits range and proper P&L is able to prove or have most of the checklist below in check, travel down to find out more information and then evaluate it. Many do not even put in the least effort to make time to visit or find out more. Re-aligned Expectation. Yes, many of you maybe business owners, successful/experienced experts in certain industry/trade, well educated, so on and so for. But if its your first time in buying or investing in business, you may not know it all. Hence your expectation has to be re-aligned. Even if its not your first experience, you still may not know it all. A good business broker would likely be more knowledgeable in acquiring a better business than you. The dynamics for sale of businesses has changed greatly in the past 2 or 3 years which resulted difficulties in finding good business opportunities and make your journey tougher. FIND OUT MORE HOW THE DYNAMICS HAS AFFECT YOU? FIND OUT FROM ACI HOW TO OVERCOME THIS.

· The Entry Level to Good Business is High. (Good businesses are mostly value above $500k. How can Low Capital have the chance to invest into good businesses/deals?)
Many current BI does not have deep budget to purchase a good business. Even if BI has deep budget, they might not want to invest all in 1 business. Most do not know that even with higher budget, the competition for those business is high as well. Many small boutique PE and Investments companies having $100M to $200M awaiting to purchase good businesses ranging from $5M to $20M. CURRENTLY ACI IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS CREATED AN INVESTOR ECOFRIENDLY SYSTEM ALLOWING LOW CAPITAL INVESTMENT TO MULTIPLE BUSINESSES OPPORTUNITIES. FIND OUT NOW, CONTACT ACI!

· Advice to Foreign Buyers and Investors (BI)
We have foreign enquiries and served many foreign clients. NEW FOREIGNERS CONTACTING ACI MUST LEAVE ACTUAL CONTACTABLE NUMBER AND COMMUNICATE TO US VIA WHATSAPP AT +65 93559531 for general enquires. Most confidential information cannot be shared with foreigners as they are anonymous, and the brokers do not know who you are and how sincere are you. You must define your objectives and priorities clearly to the broker. Many of their priorities are buying a business so that they can stay in Singapore and bring along their family members which is a totally separate objective of purchasing a good business. Hence define your objectives clearly to a broker so that he can explained and let you understand better as Singapore has it rules, regulations and QUOTAs to fulfill. Our experience with foreigners is out of 20 enquires only 1 is a sincere buyer. Hence if you are genuine wanting to purchase a good business have your identification, objective, preferences, budget, proof of funds, necessary documents ready and PLEASE check with your banks how easy to transfer your funds overseas. (Certain overseas clients encounter roadblock when time to transfer funds) Lastly, be prepared to fly to Singapore asap. Many foreigners miss the chance of purchasing good biz because their reaction time is longer as many take for granted that the opportunity will wait for them or there are plentiful of good opportunities at any one moment. CONTACT ACI TO FIND OUT HOW CAN WE ASSIST YOU.

What Good Business Does ACI has to share?
Yes! From only just $50k or more investment you can own a successful business with monthly net profits of $20k+ to $40k+. That should give you a conservative return of 30% to 45% per annum.
Able to even find 1 listing that has the same offer? We can just randomly pick up any few listings and show you the difference.
Few or None of the listings online have most of below checklist checked. But ACI has an opportunity to share which have all the points in the checklist checked

Checklist of Purchasing a good business
ü A good business offers is mostly in the range of 20% to 50% IRR, where such opportunities are very rare. Google says anything than gives an investment returns of 10% per annum is consider a good investment.
ü Low capital entry.
ü Management provided.
ü Good Location
ü List down a couple of good listings and make appointment and understand the sale better. Then compare the merits and cons.
ü Conduct or engage due diligence when purchasing a business. No point guessing or be emotional in a purchase.
ü Is the business turn-key?
ü Good Dividend or Profit Payout period.
ü Constant or Stable profits.
ü What are your safety nets in place?
ü Know your risk and biz risk level.
ü Having an easy exit strategy.
ü Constant update of the business and performance.

“Why Is This Business A Good Buy?

- Compare this to any listing you can find. (Any listings better?)
- Buying a rare and good profit business! There is no trial and error! Just don't mess it up.
- Great location! Located alongside with reputable brands such as Ya Kun, Sushi Tei,Wine connection, etc With upcoming new commercial building, hotel, and residential units, business can only get better!
- NO waiting period to earn money. No sourcing for locations. No waiting for staff. Typically, setting up a business takes about 6 months. 6 months of waiting. 6 months of opportunity cost. With this business, you earn money from Day 1! Ready, set, go!
- Be an investor and earn passive income. The business is already run by staff. You don’t really need to be around! You can continue with whatever you are focusing on. Of course, we recommend that you come by now and then to make sure everything is being run excellent. But, you DON'T NEED to be around.
- Buying a profitable sure beats having your money sitting around in the bank and earning next to nothing!
- Learn from someone who can coach you to be a successful business investors. You always wanted to own a restaurant. For sure, you want it to be successful.. and, profitable. Well, you don't need to go at it alone! Current owner will guide and be the advisor for the business. He will be around for us to ask questions, and to learn the ropes of the business (the dos and don'ts).”
Contact us now!

*For Serious Individual only, we do not like to waste anybody precious time including ours. We invest in it too! We put money where our mouth is.
**For foreign investors, contact us ONLY by Whatsapp at +65 93559531. We only respond to foreigners via whatsapp.

Upon contacting ACI, these questions will be asked. Kindly share with us your checklist that will make you invest in a business.
1. What are you looking for in the market? (Ex: buying a business / passive income opportunity / franchise / etc)
2. What is a reasonable ROI per annum if you invest $50k? (not high/low but reasonable return. Ex: 5% to 100%pa)
3. How many businesses have you seen physically? (Ex: 0-10)
4. What is your investment budget? (Ex: $0 - $1M)
5. What is your checklist for a business?


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