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Established IT Business For Investor/Partner To Grow It Faster And Bigger

Marine Parade

Asking Price: S$250,000
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Cheng Lye Heng Eddie
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Reason For Sale



Background history

Company started since 2006 and have been growing revenue since 2006 till 2015.  Currently we have done over 300 websites and applications. Our books always in positive account. Our key services include the following

Customized Web application development
Web Hosting Services
Web Design and Graphical Design

Mobile Application Development

Our healthy revenue which is growing yearly.

2012 - $149015
2013 - $200287.77
2014 - $256354.13
2015 - $166712.90 (Up to 28 May 2015 with 60k receivables estimated to be 300k+ this year)

What we offer ?

We offer 40% of company share for $250,000 to own 40% in the company . $150k into company account and $100k for goodwill to director. After the merger Director will draw a fixed salary and have profit sharing end of the year with you. Money will be spent on hardware investments and marketing cost.

Why we want to release 40% of share ?
We see a great opportunity currently and would like some additional funds to do the following

Upgrade existing infrastructure for hosting to take many more deals and to handle them efficiently

Develop an in house project which have the potential to sell globally Saas subscription based software

Lots of Grants available would like to seize this opportunity to scale bigger by hiring 2 more members

Our Team
3 Programmers including the Director and 1 Designer

Monthly Running Cost
$16000 inclusive of director's pay

Average Revenue Monthly
$20000 - $45000

Projected Net Profit this year and next 3 years based on conservative 50k yearly revenue incremental based on last 3 years history without the potential of our newly launch product
2015 = $108,000 /  $43,200 ( Investor Share )
2016 = $150,800 / $60,320 ( Investor Share )
2017 = $200,800 / $80,320 ( Investor Share )

based on above estimated you should get back you initial investment of $150k in 2.5 years and you can still earn the profits yearly.

How we both benefit ?

Reach a common goal together to make more money. We need funds to grow faster and hardly get an opportunity to invest in a profitable IT business.

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