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Asking Price: S$10,946,774(Neg.)
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Reason For Sale

Expansion of 2 new business units


Creation of 2 new sub business ventures seeking investors! Unlock potential profits today!
Why? To Bridge the sales gap, target increasing sales revenue and market diversification

Business Unit #1: negative carbon emission building material to replace cement concrete
Product Benefits: Uniqueness, first to market, tested and authenticity
A readily available carbon-negative raw material, derived from rice or wheat straws, is playing a crucial role in Earth conservation. Its surging demand is driven by the imperative to meet the 2030 summit carbon footprint agreements of ASEAN countries. This innovative material, endorsed by both ASTM and BECK Climate Control, not only replaces concrete in buildings but also undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance. Moreover, it enhances comfort by providing a cool sensation under the scorching sun and a warm embrace during chilly winters.

Marketing Sizing:
US$100M - SERVICE OBTAINABLE MARKET (SOM), with no direct competitors

Our Competitive Advantage:
(1) Our product is reasonably priced and reduces manpower and installation downtime compared to cement concrete installation.
(2) Design is simple and easy to use, compared to competitor’s complex designs
(3) The primary attraction for our clients towards our product lies in its negative carbon footprint, driven by the involvement of carbon credits.

Business Unit #2: Invention of a light source to manufacture premium-grade natural astaxanthin for nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and aquaculture.
Benefits: uniqueness, entering the billion-dollar industry, being tested & proven, and authenticity.
Natural astaxanthin has gained popularity and is highly sought after in the health and wellness industry due to its numerous potential health benefits. It is considered one of the most potent antioxidants, and consumers are often looking for natural ways to improve their health and well-being.

Marketing Sizing:
US$5B - SERVICE OBTAINABLE MARKET (SOM), , with no direct competitors

Our Competitive Advantage:
(1) The latest light source technology and UV control system were invented by us to harvest the premium grade at the fastest speed to cater to the pharmaceutical industry. Commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production processes.
(2) Premium grade to be able to fetch a higher price tag for the nutraceuticals and cosmetics industries.
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