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Natural Language (text) Processing software development


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Software business for sale with Natural Language (text) Processing software development technology: C/C++ source code and databases of twenty software programs for parsing, spell-checking (grammatical and orthographical), machine translation (incl. into plain English and plain German), content recognition, question answering, logical inference, text to voice, text to video,  text summarisation and text attribution for English, German, French, Italian. Applicable to other European languages as well. U.S. patents pending (2011, 2012) for the latest software programs.

1. Text-to-Voice Bilingual Machine Translation software programs. Write in one language, see and hear the translation in another language. For example, write in German, see and hear the translation in English. Our text to speech technology is based on whole words, phrases and concepts, not on phonemes and syllables. For example, the text to voice program will pronounce "fish"  if one writes "herring", etc. Many individual words, such as prepositions, articles, etc. are pronounced as individual words. Many other individual words, such as names of important places or people are also pronounced as individual words. As such, these programs can be regarded as eLearning, educational, with inherent possibility to use them in other spheres.

There are text to voice programs on the market, but there are no such programs that recognize the meaning of the word and work on the level of the concept. Besides, the existing programs can pronounce any nonsense you write and they need an external program to read aloud the translation. Our programs pronounce only words or meanings that exist in the language and do that immediately. As such, our programs fully preserve the accent, the melody and the stress of the spoken word.

2. Text-to-video software program that understands the meaning of the sentence and translates it into the universal language of motion pictures, into separate scenes, portraying, visually, what was meant by the sentence or the text.

Our program requires accurate parsing of the sentence (morphological analysis of the source word, to determne the contextual part of speech of the word, syntactical analysis of the sentence, to determine the role of each individual word in the sentence, grammatical analysis of the sentence, to determine whether the sentence is grammatically correct and, finally semantical analysis of the sentence, to determine the meaning of the sentence and to choose the correct video file for display.

3. We have software with inbuilt artificial reasoning. Our intelligent software program has an inductive and deductive automated reasoning. It can find and display implicit,  information that is not explicitly mentioned in the text, not contained in the synonyms of the particular word, or present in the concept the word belongs to. No statistical analysis or concordance based analysis can detect this information. Nevertheless, this implicit information is present and understood, implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, by everybody who reads the text. This implicit information will help the search engines find more accurately the information we are looking for. A software, capable of artificial reasoning can find application in many other technical areas where independent and reliable decision making, based on written information, is required.

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6 months
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Companies developing Natural Language (text) Processing, producer of an Operating System or robots or computer software or portable devices, computers for vehicles, human robots, intelligent artificial pet animals, the language education industry, the military industry, C/C++ programming language.
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