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Turnkey Collectibles Business: Prime Locations, Influencer Ties, And Robust Sales. For Sale!

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Asking Price: S$1M - 5M
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Reason For Sale

Owner retiring


Since its inception in 2018, we have established ourselves as a premier destination for collectors worldwide. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of collectables, artwork, and accessories at competitive prices while ensuring top-notch customer service. With two strategically located outlets in Singapore, we have become a go-to spot for enthusiasts and casual buyers alike. Our close relationships with distributors allow us to offer exclusive
items and keep our inventory fresh and aligned with market trends. Additionally, our strong online presence across multiple platforms complements our retail success, making us a well-rounded and dynamic business ready for its next chapter.

Our Competitive Edge:
1) Exclusive Relationships with Distributors
2) Strategic Retail Locations
3) Strong Online Presence
4) Consistent Market Demand
5) Well-Organized Operations

Reasons To Acquire Us:
1) Established Brand with Loyal Customer Base
Benefit to new owner: Instant Recognition and Trust

2) Proven Sales Performance
Benefit to new owner: Reliable Revenue Streams

3) Growth Opportunities
Benefit to new owner: Potential for Expansion and Increased Profits

4) Turnkey Operation
Benefit to new owner: Ready-to-Operate Business with Minimal Setup

5) Competent and Trained Staff:
Benefit to new owner: Operational Continuity and Expertise

6) Strong Online Presence
Benefit to new owner: Expanding Customer Reach and Digital Sales

7) Media Exposure
Benefit to new owner: Enhanced Visibility and Brand Awareness
Benefit to new owner: Maximising Exposure Through Influencer Collaborations and Strategic Marketing

In summary, acquiring us offers an exceptional opportunity to step into a thriving business with a solid foundation, established brand recognition, and a loyal customer base. With proven sales performance, strategic retail locations, and a strong online presence, we are well-positioned for continued success and growth. Acquiring us will also provide the new owner with access to a comprehensive network of contacts for Anime conventions and events that we have frequently participated in. The business's turnkey operation, experienced staff, and recent media exposure further enhance its appeal, providing immediate operational capabilities and expanded market visibility. For the new owner, our business presents a dynamic and profitable venture with significant potential for expansion and innovation in the ever-growing collectables market.
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