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Luxury Alcohol Trading Package Flexible Input High Return

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Asking Price: S$50,000
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Reason For Sale

Safe, risk free and profitable package for everyone


Our company is one of the biggest distributor of premium alcohol beverages in Singapore. 

We are also one of the very few alcohol trading company based in Singapore. 

[The retail price of the alcohol which we are holding cost from $1000-$10000 per bottle]

Alcohol trading, what is this exactly?

A collection of alcohols held by an individual or company for the purpose of reselling for a profit.

And Why alcohol trading?

Alcohol trading are generally transacted in large quantity to achieve marked down price comparing to market value. Stock holders make use of this strategy to lock in goods at lower price and gain steady profit margin when market fluctuate in future.  

Alcohol Trading VS Other Investment product

Physical product that you can attach an intrinsic value to products.

Widely accepted brands of alcohol are increasing in demand globally.

Slower volatility or price fluctuations as other commonly traded assets.

Internationally traded commodity.

Not subject to interest rate movements like other financial products.

Does not involve leverage which can wipe out your financial position if on the wrong side

According to past record, we sees tremendous increase in local market’s demand towards premium alcohol. 

Now we introduce to you

Our latest alcohol trading package: 

[ Estimated Annual R.O.I ranges from 10% - 20% per annum ]

[ Low innitial capital starting from $5000, high returns within just 1 - 3 years ]

Quarterly reports on alcohol market analysis is provided to keep investors updated on latest market pricing. 

Foreign investors are also welcomed to join us! 

Feel free to contact us for a face to face meeting at our headquarter office. 

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