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延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang : Shape the Future with Yan Xi Tang

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Detailed Information

Capital Required
S$50K - 100K
Brand Name
延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang
Country of Origin
Years of Established
1-3 years
Number of Outlet

Start a Bubble Tea Stores, Dessert Shops, Take Aways Franchise with 延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang


**延禧堂 - 新加坡奶茶品牌**




Brand Story:

Since its inception in 2020, Yan Xi Tang has swiftly risen to prominence, emerging as a key player in the Singaporean milk tea market. Even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, we've not only persevered but have consistently achieved profitability, a testament to our unwavering business determination and commitment to exceptional quality.



- 强大的品牌声誉,迅速建立了一批忠实客户群。

- 曾被新加坡 8days 和yes933专访报导延禧堂姨妈奶茶
- 创新的茶饮菜单,结合了传统的奶茶精髓和现代独特的口味。
- 精选的茶叶和原材料,确保每一杯奶茶都传递出令人难以忘怀的美味。
- 坚持维护高品质标准,无论是在产品还是在服务方面。

Yan Xi Tang takes pride in its distinctive qualities:

- A strong brand reputation that rapidly built a loyal customer base.

- Yan Xi Tang's was featured in interviews by Singapore's 8days and yes933.
- Innovative tea beverage menu blending traditional milk tea essence with modern unique flavors.
- Carefully selected tea leaves and ingredients ensuring unforgettable flavors.
- Adherence to high-quality standards, both in our products and service.



Investment Opportunities:


We invite you to join this exhilarating journey of success. You have an exciting investment option:

1. **投资方式**:

- 总投资额为新币60,000。
- 合同期限为3年。
- 我们会负责经营,不用担心任何营运或者员工问题。
- 无论新店是否盈利,您都能实现保本并享受稳定回报。

- 首3个月是发展期所以没有回报。但从第4个月开始无论盈亏,每月都将直接入账新币2,200,持续至36个月的合同期结束。


1. **Investment Method**:

- Total investment: SGD 60,000.
- Contract period: 3 years.
- Yan Xi Tang will handle operations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for investors.
- Guaranteed monthly returns of SGD 2,200 from the 4th month onwards for the entire contract period, irrespective of store profitability.


**Yan Xi Tang - The Path to Success in Singaporean Milk Tea**



Join us and embark on an opportunity-rich journey in the Bubble Tea industry!

Interested parties: Kindly Please contact 90445970

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  • 延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang : Shape the Future with Yan Xi Tang
  • 延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang : Shape the Future with Yan Xi Tang
  • 延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang : Shape the Future with Yan Xi Tang
  • 延禧堂 Yan Xi Tang : Shape the Future with Yan Xi Tang
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